Android Experience

As of last week, I joined the ranks of thousands and began the search for work in Berlin. Why I left it so late to begin looking is another story.

In the myre of finding a job in a new city, it is at times hard to maintain a sense of purpose, of direction. Well not today, good people of Ballyblog!

After making it to interview for a content editing job and getting very positive vibes from the head of recruitment, I was finally told my application was not successful because I didn’t have enough ‘experience with Androids’.

They were absolutely correct regarding my level of expertise. Despite living in the Land of the Exploding Samsung for five years, I have been toting the same decrepit iPhone 4 since 2012. It has an impressively cracked screen, dies at about 20% charge and carries a distinctly spicy scent from when I made Kimchi Jjigae at my Aunt’s house and drunkenly emptied a 2lb jar of paprika into my bag.

So, while I understand and accept the company’s very polite and positive email telling me I was unsuccessful,  I still spent my day with ‘Android experience’ circling around my head like a character in a rejected episode of Black Mirror. 


There’s more techno to Berlin than the music (wehey!), there are also hundreds of tech start-ups. They’re the companies who have job postings most frequently for English speakers and in content writing. So while I continue searching for any job high and low, it’s becoming very apparent that I have to seriously improve my computer literacy if I wish to have a résumé fit for the jobs I really want. Entre Coursera and a parade of YouTube tutorials on HTML, SEO, and YMCA. The nights are drawing in and it’s time to knuckle down on my new studies.

This is the winter of our hard-discontent.