Why We Crowdfunded

I had planned on making this a much longer post, but lucky for us all, last week something went ‘bump! in the right’ (hand), and now typing – together with getting dressed, cooking, washing dishes, and yes: playing guitar – has become a Herculean effort. Ever put on a bra with your non-dominant had? No? Me neither. It’s impossible.

party fears fail
VH1 Behind the Music: Party Fears.

First off, thank you to everyone who’s contributed to our tour fund. We are so struck by how kind you all are, and still can’t believe we reached our goal inside two weeks. You’re incredible. There are far more worthy things you could have spent your money on, and we know that. So, thank you.

It felt a bit cheeky asking you to help support our tour given the aforementioned farmoreworthythings™. So I thought about it: after four years of playing, why did we start fundraising now?

Berlin: Poor but Sexy

So we don’t quite fit the Berlin MO. But what we lack in sexy, we more than make up in the poor. And why? As an indie act, it’s hard to make music pay in this town. In Seoul, when New Blue Death or BaekMa had a goal in mind that required dollah dollah bills, what did we do? In a Crystal Maze-esque scramble for cash, we played a silly amount of shows – sometimes for just W50,000 – to float our savings and achieve that goal. Here’s what our schedule looked like ramping up to recording in 2014.

Practice on the left, shows on the right.

By comparison, in Berlin we played nine or so gigs in eight weeks and were ‘up’ after only two of them. Added to this is that most clubs do not have backlines and that means lots of taxis with gear. It’s a slower, harder slog; one we’re willing to do, but with a 33-year-old frontwoman whose body seems to be quite literally falling apart, it’s probably best we expedite the ol’ tour.

Official Funding

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 10.33.49

There’s everyone’s favourite overlord, TRESemmé saying, ‘If you believe you’re a citizen of the world, you’re a citizen of nowhere.’ As far as funding bodies (and radio play for that matter) are concerned, she’s probably right. Much of the feedback we get is that we aren’t Irish enough, not quite local, not permanently based in Australia… Not of the somewhere that ordinarily might fund us. We apply, we do, but the feedback is generally the same: ‘Sorry, can we just check: only your X player is from Y? We’re afraid we can only support Y projects at this time.’ So when we book the likes of Women’s Work or get played on Across the Line or get a menchy by Nialler9 it’s so extraordinarily special. Even to careerist nomads like us, a bit of Terra Firma can be nice. Tayto at your fingertips included, of course.

So when we say your contribution to this fund means the world to us, we’re not joking. We’ll still be in the red; we expected to be. We’re doing what we love and naturally that takes sacrifice, but your kindness takes so much pressure off and for that we’re so very grateful. There’s a question mark over whether I can play or not, but knowing you crowd of glorious arses have our backs only makes me want to bring it more; guitar or no.

We still have a couple more days of the campaign left, so feel free to share. Maybe we can reach a K and get that house by the sea we always dreamed of.


Your poor butT sexy friends, Party Fears.

Post turned out to be quite long anyway >:-) 


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